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Armaggedon Costume!

Hi guys,

Who's thinking of going to Armaggedon in Feb this year?

DAVID HEWLETT PEOPLE! The man I will run over dead corpses to see!


But in further news, I also wanted to reveal what I wanted to make for it, since there aren't many general costume comps in Oz, (as opposed to anime/manga ones). I Reeeeeeeally wanted to give my new dream costume a go.

That's right:

I'm going to make this baby LIGHT UP.

There's about a 50 page and ongoing forum of people attempting this here. And the fact that very few have managed to actually MAKE the costume (all of one... the brilliant and my current cosplay idol Annisse and it's taken her about 6 months) is kind of intimidating.

... But how hard can it be compared to an Eva Plugsuit? Or Unknown?

I mean... sure, I've never done electronics, and it seems like this costume is making grown 30+ men obsessed with the technicalities of EL wire and diffusion.

I can totes make this in two months. If my lovely queencattabby can make her Cain trinity blood costume in 3 months SURELY, SURELY I can do this one in two!

I already have the perfect boots and leggings.

... Just need to figure out the rest HMMM.

PSSST: Everyone force arlo_arleh to be the Siren. You know you want to see that ass in spandex.
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