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Obscene Obsessions

Welcome to the insanity of of Alita Battle Angel aka QOV. Beware of lint.

Battle Angel Productions
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Everything in life I have learned from fandom:

Keep your head cool, your ass hot.

Blu tac and duct tape holds the world together. Until you try to jump out of things.

You must never question Stephen Fry.

Tentacles bring joy where ever they slither.

Higher physics can be solved with awesome. If you're David Hewlett.

You can make anime about anything. Anything.

Batman has mastered everything. Even DDR.

Japan makes the best porn. And the best snacks.

Dumbledore was gay. And so is Snape. If he wasn't before. He certainly is now.

The way to market music is through a pyramid scheme with pretty boys touching each other. Singing.

God-like zen comes from five cups of coffee and watching human tetris on youtube.

Neil Gaiman is the calm, reasonable and infinitely wise centre of a mad, incoherent world.

You don't actually need sleep.

Fandom is for porn, it is not some hippie recluse.

If all fails, and the future is a bleak desolate wasteland stretching into infinity.

There is always your flist to welcome you with open arms. :D

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